Johnson O’keefe Law Firm Attorneys

Johnson O’keefe Law Firm Attorneys

Members & Partners

Myles S. JohnsonMember
Genet T. JohnsonMember
Shannon M. O’keefeMember and Managing Partner
Jessica LaskyManaging Partner
Robert D. Perrone
Robert D. PerronePartner

Senior Attorneys

Anne E. HindsSenior Attorney
Sara A. BushSenior Attorney
Shana D. VelezSenior Attorney
Myron L. Latney
Myron L. LatneySenior Attorney
Timothy C. Dudley
Timothy C. DudleySenior Attorney

Associate Attorneys

Taylor K. Brice
Taylor K. BriceAssociate Attorney
Britton L. ShieldsAssociate Attorney
Brent E. MechamAssociate Attorney
Johanna Hendley
Johanna HendleyAssociate Attorney
Caroline G. Hansen
Caroline G. HansenAssociate Attorney
Sebastian P. Melo Ortiz
Sebastian P. Melo OrtizAssociate Attorney


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